Western Trust business ventures can be grouped into three distinct Collections: Hospitality, Technology and Financial Services. While the three sectors may appear unrelated, all focus on offering professional management services that generate fee-based income.

Hospitality Collection

WesternTrust Hospitality is present in nine world class resort municipalities and manages hundreds of vacation rental properties including: WesternTrust Hospitality today has various operations in 8 North American resort markets and is always looking for future expansion opportunities. Our services include Vacation Rental Sales, Property Management, Hotel Management, HOA Management, Yacht rentals, Restaurant, Spa and Fitness center operations.

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Technology Collection

The Technology Collection currently consists of two companies: Ravello is expanding to provide its digital service offering to clients outside the WesternTrust family. While TruNorthe’s greatest growth opportunities will lie in the telecommunications industry for the foreseeable future.

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Financial Services Collection

The Financial Services Collection currently consists of two companies: WT Wealth Management helps clients maximize their investments while WT Tax accounting provides tax preparation and basic accounting services.

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